Online Learning Before, During and After COVID-19: Observations Over 20 Years

Natalie Wieland, Liz Kollias


Natalie Wieland has been delivering online learning for over 15 years as both a lecturer and workplace trainer. In her paper, she reflects on how digital learning has evolved from the days of moving PowerPoints to the highly polished and produced modules with an equally high price. Natalie reviews the first response during COVID-19 when so many rushed to deliver their content online, using tools such as Zoom. Natalie also provides her thoughts on what we have learned during this period, including the need to provide synchronous and asynchronous learning, the need to include the educator in the process and empower them with digital tools to create online content and the need to make online learning authentic and not over produced. It is still content and design that is critical. She also offers some predictions around what the future will look like with digital learning in the workplace, with lessons we have all learned.



digital workplace learning; digital learning first response during covid-19; empowering educators; digital learning post covid-19

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International Journal of Advanced Corporate Learning (iJAC) – ISSN: 1867-5565
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