Tracing Knowledge Flow as Strategy towards Measuring Corporate Knowledge




knowledge management, knowledge transfer educational technology, learning technology, corporate knowledge


Corporate knowledge is essential mainly to knowledge-intensive organizations. Its success is always associated with the performance of the organization through ROI (Return of Investment). While the scope of corporate knowledge is wide, we redefine in the context of computational environment and demonstrate how corporate knowledge can be modelled and subsequently enabled it to be measured. With this new ability, the knowledge flow within the learning activities can be traced and the individual performance can be measured based on the learning goal being set.

Author Biography

S.M.F.D Syed Mustapha, Computer Science Deaprtment College of Computers and Information Technology Taif University

He is a professor at College of Computers and Information Technology, Taif University. Currently he is also an adjunct professor at Asia e University. His research interest in learning technology is to look at measuring the knowledge flow of learners and assessing the knowledge growth, building ontology of learners' knowledge and knowledge retrieval




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Syed Mustapha, S. (2017). Tracing Knowledge Flow as Strategy towards Measuring Corporate Knowledge. International Journal of Advanced Corporate Learning (iJAC), 10(1), pp. 91–99.



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