TalkShop/2CG(R) – Language Learning on the Debate


  • Christina Merl Christina Merl, self-employed



Language Learning, Generic Competencies, Peer Exchange, Communities of Practice, Blended Learning Environments, Social Learning, Cross-cultural Communication.


TalkShop/2CG® stands for content- and context-based generic competence coaching and has been developed to prepare individuals and organizations for work and leadership in the knowledge-based economy. The integrated face-to-face and online coaching methodology provides tailor-made language and generic competence coaching â??on the debateâ??, while facilitating peer exchange in communities of practice. Particular emphasis is placed on promoting collaborative and social learning processes in blended learning environments where learners can develop and improve their foreign language skills and other generic competencies that are required for effective communication in todayâ??s international business environment.

Author Biography

Christina Merl, Christina Merl, self-employed

Self-employed since 2000. Christina Merl holds a Ph.D. in translation studies from the University of Vienna, where her work synthesized concepts from the fields of translation studies, communities of practice, intercultural communication, and diversity management. Over the past 10 years, Christina Merl has focused on adult education, the acquisition of generic competencies, community facilitation, and freelance writing.




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Merl, C. (2009). TalkShop/2CG(R) – Language Learning on the Debate. International Journal of Advanced Corporate Learning (iJAC), 2(3), pp. 45–49.



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