Data Driven Education in Personal Learning Environments – What About Learning beyond the Institution?

Miguel Á. Conde, Ángel Hernández-García


Learning happens not only in the traditional educational institutions but beyond them, and it is not limited to an established academic time period. We study anywhere, anytime; many different and tools and services that facilitate learning are not confined to a specific environment or platform. Such set of tools and services used for educational proposes set up what can be understood as Personal Learning Environments. While knowing what happens in Personal Learning Environments is highly interesting, it is not an easy task due to the heterogeneity of the different tools, the difficulty to access learning evidence, ethical aspects or interoperability problems, among others. This study explores the main issues that need to be addressed to analyze what is occurring in a Personal Learning Environments and how to represent the information obtained from such environments.


PLE; Learning Analytics; Visual Analytics; Tools heterogeneity; Interoperability

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