Mobile Learning Applications for Android und iOS for German Language Acquisition Based on Learning Analytics Measurements

Markus Friedl, Markus Ebner, Martin Ebner


The use of digital media is increasingly being promoted in school teaching. Since this aspect changes the interaction between teachers and pupils, this research is concerned with the development of a prototype of a mobile application for Android and iOS, in which different learning applications for language acquisition are offered on the basis of learning analytical measurements provided by experts in the field. By logging and collecting interactions of the user, it is possible to create a variety of statistical evaluations and thus respond to the needs and weaknesses of students. For the evaluation of the application, a user experience test was carried out, whereby the child-friendly operation of the application was tested. Due to the very positive feedback, the design was found to be good and can therefore be further developed.


Learning Analytics; Language Acquisition; Mobile Learning Application; Digital Media in Teaching; Technology Enhanced Learning; Educational Data Mining

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