How Can We Find Out What Makes a Good Requirements Engineer in the Age of Digitalization?

Yvonne Sedelmaier, Dieter Landes


Good requirements are commonly viewed as a key success factor for IT (and non-IT) projects, but still there seems to be insufficient insight into which competences requirements engineers need to have these days. Digitalization is likely to pose new challenges to requirements engineering. Chances are that digitalization will change the competences that are necessary for successful requirements engineering.
This paper proposes a research design that will be used for clarifying which competences requirements engineers need nowadays and how these competences change due to digitalization. To that end, qualitative and quantitative research methods will be combined for developing a comprehensive competence profile for requirements engineering on a scientific basis. The resulting competence profile constitutes a starting point for devising competence-oriented learning settings. Thus, our research contributes to a better understanding of competences for requirements engineering and improves education of future requirements engineers, in particular for coping with challenges posed by digitalization.


requirements engineering; competence; competence profile; digitalization; education; didactics;

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International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy (iJEP) – eISSN: 2192-4880
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