A Comprehensive Study on Pedestrians’ Evacuation

Danial Abdulkareem Muhammed, Soran Abubakir Mohammed Saeed, Tarik Ahmed Rashid


Human beings face threats because of unexpected happenings, which can be avoided through adequate crisis evacuation plan, which is vital to stop wound and demise as its negative results. Consequently, different typical evacuation pedestrians have been created. Moreover, through applied research, these models for various applications, reproductions, and conditions have been examined to present an operational model. Furthermore, new models have been developed to cooperate with system evacuation in residential places in case of unexpected events. This research has taken into account an inclusive and a ‘systematic survey of pedestrian evacuation’ to demonstrate models methods by focusing on the applications’ features, techniques, implications, and after that gather them under various types, for example, classical models, hybridized models, and generic model. The current analysis assists scholars of this field of study to write their forthcoming papers about it, which can suggest a novel structure to recent typical intelligent reproduction with novel features.


Emergency evacuation; Participants’ emergency behavior; Evacuation time; Environment; Evacuation models

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International Journal of Recent Contributions from Engineering, Science & IT (iJES) – eISSN: 2197-8581
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