Web Service to Automate Bibliographic Research – Case of Dependability Ontology

Fatima Ezzahra Mdarbi, Nadia Afifi, Imane Hilal, Nadia Zahir


In order to identify the existence of   an ontology of dependability, we conducted a bibliographic review. However, we encountered a real problem while researching and selecting articles that address this issue.  Indeed the research process in various scientific databases with standard techniques involve the application of a number of manual and duplicative steps. This makes it a fairly costly and faulty process. To surmount these challenges, we offer a solution that automates search and selection items. The proposed solution is essentially derived from the popular method called systematic mapping. In this article, we suggest a Web Service as an implementation of our proposed approach. This Web Service will allow users to query scientific databases to obtain the metadata of selected articles. Our proposal will make the selection of scientific articles easier and faster.


Ontology; Dependability; Web Service; Bibliographic Research; Systematic Mapping;

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International Journal of Recent Contributions from Engineering, Science & IT (iJES) – eISSN: 2197-8581
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