Engagement and Performance Studies of Media Agencies Publications on Social Networks

Mohcine Kodad


This paper presents a study that contributes to the existing work on the social diffusion and interaction strategy in social media. The aim is to know the most shared post by some electronic media in the world from end to end social network, and also to know post nature of the most successful one, and the link between different kind of interaction these are main objectives of this study. Our work is also considered as a ground and a base for social network analysis researchers in all social networks in order to allow them to benefit and help in their future research work from all information collected and results found via this study. An empirical analysis using multiple methods is conducted based on 275 Facebook publications gathered from the Facebook pages of 5 electronics journals the best one in its original country represented 5 countries in the world. This contribution discovered a set of important information and it is also projected to confirm hypothesis addressed in pre-existing studies


Social network; Posts; Facebook; Interaction

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