A Theoretical Concept for Improving Network Routing Using Communicating Packets and an Intelligent Network

Pratik Pravinkumar Shah, Rahul De, Prabhu Awasthi, Senthil Jayavel


Networks are complicated meshes of wireless and wired links and most of the times these links are disconnected due to some fault or simply the link fails due to congestion in the network. These networks are generally used only for sending packets, which are nothing but the basic communication units or units of data sent from one computer or from one terminal to another. This paper demonstrates an entirely new type of packets, which help in improving the efficiency of routing these packets over the network. A theoretical concept for allowing to packets to communicate with each other in the network itself has also been used. Just by using some small extra set of protocols the probability of the packet reaching the destination is increased drastically. This paper explains in detail the working of such protocols. This paper also provides the hypothesis of an intelligent network.

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