Game-Based Multimedia for Horizontal Numeracy Learning




horizontal numeracy, game-based multimedia, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.


Recently, game-based multimedia development has been increasing rapidly. Game-based multimedia is not only used for entertaining but also for teaching and learning process. Meanwhile, for the majority of elementary school students, numeracy learning is still considered as a difficult subject to be learned and has not attracted students’ interest because it still uses vertical methods. The objective of this research is to examine the implementation of game-based multimedia in learning horizontal numeracy. In this game-based multimedia, horizontal numeracy material is presented in the form of a game. Horizontal numeracy material begins with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Game-based multimedia is implemented to 20 students in grade 3 elementary schools in Bandung, Indonesia. Subsequently, the way students learn the materials and their learning outcomes are explored after using this multimedia. The results show that the students can learn horizontal numeracy excitingly; moreover, they can easily understand the concept of horizontal numeracy quickly. It is indicated by by the increasing of average post-test value.




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Rohendi, D. (2019). Game-Based Multimedia for Horizontal Numeracy Learning. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 14(15), pp. 159–170.