Document Management and Exchange System – Supporting Education Process


  • Emil Egredzija
  • Bozidar Kovacic



content management and exchange, document management, content distribution, open source technologies, content security


Development and implementation of new technologies are very important in education. One of the most challenging tasks in the education process is to build efficient and cost-friendly system for content management and exchange. The system has to be reliable, easy manageable and open. Centralized storage, secured access, and ubiquitous client technologies have emerged as best-practice solutions in engineering that kind of services. Users can easily publish or exchange documents and not need to worry about their distribution, storage or technical skills required for efficient document management. The system that will be presented is built on open source technologies and is deployable on all today's popular web software platforms. The web server, the programming language and operating system that are used to build and deploy such a system are all non-proprietary and completely open because our mission was to build system that can be easily extended and not limited by its corporate license. The system uses security mechanisms such as user group access policy, operating system level security (file system) and secured data storage in database. Because of the growing need for document management in education process we believe that this project will find its place in practice.

Author Biographies

Emil Egredzija

Software Developer, Information Technology Institute, Information system development division, City of Rijeka, Croatia

Bozidar Kovacic

Department of Informatics, University of Rijeka, Croatia




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Egredzija, E., & Kovacic, B. (2010). Document Management and Exchange System – Supporting Education Process. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 5(SI2), pp. 46–49.



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