Professional Practice as an Element of Taxonomy - A Case of IT Students at the Polytechnic of Rijeka


  • Miro Francic
  • Ivan Pogarcic
  • Maja Gligora Markovic



professional practice, levels of taxonomy, curriculum and teaching methods, competencies


There are two reasons for a formal review of the formal forms of education: the development speed of data-communication technologies and the increasing willingness of business entities to apply the same in a very strong competitive battle for dominance at the market. Although not only reason they are a sufficient challenge for educational institutions to adjust their curricula especially when they will help to better prepare their students for the labour market. Professional practice as a form of the highest levels of taxonomies, observed by Bloomâ??s scale, should be used for evaluating student performance, but also for evaluating the quality and marketing of all available programs. This paper presents the experience of professional studies of computer science at Polytechnic of Rijeka acquired through the organization of professional practice in those businesses, which represent a potential place of work after the completion of studies. Conducted research, together with the acquired experience can be a framework for any changes or modifications to curriculum and teaching methods. Respondents pattern for the two main groups: business owners, which basic business is providing IT services and those which use computer to support base of operations. What do respondents who supervise professional practice think about the readiness of graduates for inclusion in their business, which competencies are expected of potential candidates for employment and what are their proposals for changing the program?




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Francic, M., Pogarcic, I., & Markovic, M. G. (2010). Professional Practice as an Element of Taxonomy - A Case of IT Students at the Polytechnic of Rijeka. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 5(SI2), pp. 50–54.



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