The Cultivating Strategies of Pre-Service Teachers' Informatization Teaching Ability Oriented to Wisdom Generation


  • Li Liu Shandong Normal University
  • Yongchao Wang Hebei normal university
  • Chizhu Ma Shandong normal university



Wisdom; pre-service teachers; informatization teaching ability; wisdom generation;cultivate strategy


The widespread appearance of smart classrooms in basic education puts forward higher requirements for teachers' informatization teaching ability. The educational goal of pre-service teachers is changed from "knowledge mastering" to "wisdom generation", that is, to cultivate their wisdom-generating informatization teaching ability in the informatization education classroom to solve problems effectively. The purpose of this study is to propose cultivating strategies along the theoretical path of wisdom generation, and to test the effectiveness of the cultivating strategies in pre-service teachers’ classroom teaching. This research was conducted at Shandong Normal University, and a total of 272 students (pre-service teachers) participated. Through 18 weeks of teaching practice, the results show that pre-service teachers’ informatization teaching awareness, knowledge, skills and high-level abilities have generally improved.

Author Biographies

Li Liu, Shandong Normal University

a PhD student at the faculty of education

Yongchao Wang, Hebei normal university

a lecture at Foreign Language Teaching Department

Chizhu Ma, Shandong normal university

He is a professor at the School of Journalism and Media




How to Cite

Liu, L., Wang, Y., & Ma, C. (2021). The Cultivating Strategies of Pre-Service Teachers’ Informatization Teaching Ability Oriented to Wisdom Generation. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 16(06), pp. 57–71.