Defining E-Learning Level of Use in Jordanian Universities Using CBAM Framework


  • Nasim Abdulwahab Matar Petra Univesity



CBAM, Evaluation, E-learning, Jordanian Universities, Level of Use.


This paper presents a continuous work related to the status and engagement with e-learning systems by faculty members in Jordanian universities. Previous research study entitled (Evaluating E-Learning System Use by CBAM-Stages of Concern Methodology in Jordanian Universities, 2015) focused on defining stages of concern using one tool that is presented by CBAM Framework. The CBAM Framework provides another tool that is used specifically for measuring level of use of any educational technology. This research focused on using CBAM framework for the first time in Jordanian Higher educational context in order to present a systematic and well-defined methodology for evaluation that will be used for defining the exact engagement with e-learning. It is believed that the results of this research can be reflected positively on universities future policies and practices for developing the use of this educational technology in Jordan

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Nasim Abdulwahab Matar, Petra Univesity

E-Business and Commerce




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Matar, N. A. (2017). Defining E-Learning Level of Use in Jordanian Universities Using CBAM Framework. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 12(03), pp. 142–153.