A Fundamentals of Financial Accounting Course Multimedia Teaching System based on Dokeos and BigBlueButton


  • Wen Han ZiBo Vocational Institute




Dekeos, BigBlueButton, Multi-media technology, Financial Accounting course


multi-media technology plays a critical role in modern remote education development, which can make abstract and complicated teaching content more concrete and fully mobilize students’ activity, enrich the teaching resources of remote education, break through the space-time limitation of traditional education, and meanwhile strengthen the interaction of remote education. Currently ordinary remote teaching system based on Dekeos and Bigbluebutton without self-detection function requires for professional personnel’s regular examination and maintenance. It takes long time and large workload, brings inconvenience for schools and teachers in remote education. Meanwhile, it also has the problem of disjoint between teaching and practice. This paper has designed a multimedia teaching system based on Dokeos and BigBlueButton to apply to“Fundamentals of Financial Accounting” course including abundant remote education functions such as recording and replaying, desk sharing, video session, PPT presentation. Student condition online inspection device of remote education based on decision-making tree has solved the problem existing in current remote teaching system that it cannot automatically inspect device, thus to further optimize the process of remote education.




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Han, W. (2018). A Fundamentals of Financial Accounting Course Multimedia Teaching System based on Dokeos and BigBlueButton. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 13(05), pp. 141–152. https://doi.org/10.3991/ijet.v13i05.8433