Construction of SOA Based VR Technology in Animation Teaching


  • Zhenyan Qin Anhui Jianzhu University
  • Zonghua Tao Anhui Jianzhu University



SOA, VR technology, 3D animation production, teaching


3D animation production is an animation course widely set up in colleges currently aiming at cultivating 3D animation production talents. But in actual teaching, there exist problems of teaching practice not prominent, teaching not intuitive, and students’ learning interest not strong. Based on this condition, this paper plans to use SOA design and VR technology in teaching system design with the help of good information integration, service integration function of SOA design and advantages of VR technology of directly and dynamically reflecting object forms so as to improve teaching interestingness and intuition, help students to increase knowledge and improve teaching quality in relaxed atmosphere. At last, this paper has conducted teaching effect comparison experiments which show that the virtual teaching system designed and developed in this paper can improve students’ learning activity, teacher-student communication and obtain better teaching effect




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Qin, Z., & Tao, Z. (2018). Construction of SOA Based VR Technology in Animation Teaching. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 13(05), pp. 153–164.