An Interaction Theory-based New Distance Teaching Model for Cross Talk


  • Zhuang Zhou University of Science and Technology Liaoning



Cross Talk, teaching model, reform, teaching effect


At present, most distance education platforms are often featured by the lack of specialty, only deposit teaching resources on the server, and fail to meet students’ needs of selective learning and periodical learning. Secondly, there is no Internet-based online teaching platform system in the current technology to support interactive teaching services. In order to improve the teaching effect, a teaching model was proposed in this study to apply the new distance education technology integrated with interaction theory into art performance courses. The concrete combination method was introduced using the course of Cross Talk as an example. From the comparison between the traditional teaching model and the improved teaching model, it can be seen that integration of the new distance learning model into the teaching of Cross Talk can enhance the teaching effect and improve students’ learning attitude. Moreover, the courseware resources and interactive Q&A module provided via the platform can assist students to reinforce their comprehension of all the knowledge, more intuitively recognize the characteristics of Cross Talk as an art performance course and meet the requirements of modern society on art performance graduates.




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Zhou, Z. (2018). An Interaction Theory-based New Distance Teaching Model for Cross Talk. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 13(06), pp. 190–202.