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Vol 16, No 10 (2021) Analysis of Rural-Based Pre-Service Teachers Spatial-Visualisation Skills in Problem Solving in Vector Calculus Using MATLAB Abstract   PDF
Godfred Amevor, Anass Bayaga, Michael J. Bosse
Vol 14, No 22 (2019) Analysis of the Documents Published in the Web of Science Database on Teachers' Gamification Method: A Content Analysis Abstract   PDF
Zehra Ozcinar, Venera G. Zakirova, Rashad A. Kurbanov, Asiya M. Belyalova
Vol 13, No 09 (2018) Analysis of the Effects of two Gamified Emotional Education Software’s in Emotional and Well-being Variables in Spanish Children and Adolescents Abstract   PDF
Agnès Ros-Morente, Enric Cabello Cuenca, Gemma Filella Guiu
Vol 11, No 09 (2016) Analysis of the Learning Mode of the Elaborate Resource Sharing Course Abstract   PDF
Ken Cai, Yingying Jin, Hongwei Yue, Haoran Huang
Vol 12, No 06 (2017) Analysis of the Reasons of Public High School Students in United States Choosing Chinese as a Foreign Language – The Case of Nevada Abstract   PDF
Haihuai He
Vol 15, No 23 (2020) Analysis of the Studies Published on Business Strategy Game and Learning Strategic Management in the Web of Science Database Abstract   PDF
Alper Cavus, Alfiya R Masalimova, Vasil N Farrakhov, Svetlana G Kashina, Zhanna M Sizova, Olga V Popova
Vol 3, No 1 (2008) Analysis of Three Different Models Used to Acquire Three E-Learning Solutions at the Same University Details   PDF
Detken Scheepers, Dolf J.J. Jordaan, El-Marie Mostert
Vol 16, No 05 (2021) Analysis on Academic Benchmark Design and Teaching Method Improvement under Artificial Intelligence Robot Technology Abstract   PDF
Xiaojuan Cao, Zheng Li, Ruyi Zhang
Vol 15, No 09 (2020) Analysis on Influencing Factors of Dance Teaching Effect in Colleges Based on Data Analysis and Decision Tree Model Abstract   PDF
Beibei Guo
Vol 15, No 17 (2020) Analysis on Management of Job Burnout of Counselors in Chinese Colleges Based on Game Theory Abstract   PDF
Xiaolei Wang, Ruoxuan Zhang, Zengxin Li, Junlong Chen
Vol 12, No 06 (2017) Analysis on the Co-authoring in the Field of Management in China: Based on Social Network Analysis Abstract   PDF
Chuanyi Wang, Zhe Cheng, Zhiwei Huang
Vol 11, No 10 (2016) Analysis on the Man-Machine-Environment Collaborative Teaching Method for Mining Engineering Major Abstract   PDF
Lang Liu, Xuehua Sun, Ki-il Song
Vol 14, No 17 (2019) Analysis on WeChat-Based Blended Learning in Network Marketing Course Abstract   PDF
Liang Zhang, Yi Wu, XueSheng Qian, Ping Lv, Xue Zhou
Vol 14, No 08 (2019) Analysis the Efficient Energy Prediction for 5G Wireless Communication Technologies Abstract   PDF
Haider TH. Alrikabi, Abdul Hadi M. Alaidi, Ahmad Shaker Abdalrada, Faisal Theyab Abed
Vol 15, No 02 (2020) Analyzing Student Performance in Programming Education Using Classification Techniques Abstract   PDF
Kissinger Sunday, Patrick Ocheja, Sadiq Hussain, Solomon Sunday Oyelere, Balogun Oluwafemi Samson, Friday Joseph Agbo
Vol 10, No 5 (2015) Analyzing Temporal Patterns of Groups and Individuals in an Online Learning Forum Abstract   PDF
Mengmeng Cheng, ChienYuan Su, Jianping Zhang, Yuhui Yang
Vol 11, No 03 (2016) Analyzing the Potential of Flipped Classroom in ESL Teaching Abstract   PDF
Olga Sergeevna Kvashnina, Ekaterina Andreevna Martynko
Vol 13, No 08 (2018) Animation Production Teaching Model based on Design-Oriented Learning Abstract   PDF
Ben Ma
Vol 5, No 4 (2010) Announcing the Winners of the 2010 International E-Learning Awards Details   PDF
David Guralnick
Vol 16, No 13 (2021) Antecedents Influencing the Adoption of Collaborative Learning Social-Media Platforms Among Thai University Students During the Covid-19 ‘New Normal’ Era Abstract   PDF
Thadathibesra Phuthong
Vol 16, No 01 (2021) Antecedents of Blackboard Adoption by Lecturers at a South African Higher Education Institution – Extending GETAMEL Abstract   PDF
Obert Matarirano, Nobert Rangarirai Jere, Hlanganani Siqondile Sibanda, Manoj Panicker
Vol 14, No 18 (2019) Anytime Autonomous English MALL App Engagement Abstract   PDF
Jason Byrne
Vol 11, No 05 (2016) Application and Empirical Investigation of New MOOC Teaching System in Computer Application Course Abstract   PDF
Zhenhua JI
Vol 10, No 4 (2015) Application in the Training of Automatic Weather Station Based on Web3D Technology Abstract   PDF
Rui Yang, WenJie Fan, Jingrong Sun
Vol 14, No 06 (2019) Application of 3D Visualization in Landscape Design Teaching Abstract   PDF
Wenbo Jiang, Yuan Zhang
Vol 11, No 10 (2016) Application of a Big Data Platform in the Course of Java Language Programming Abstract   PDF
Dingbao Lin
Vol 13, No 04 (2018) Application of a Computer-Assisted Instruction System Based on Constructivism Abstract   PDF
Hua Guo
Vol 14, No 18 (2019) Application of a New Cultivation Model in an Undergraduate 'Convention and Exhibition Management' Study Program Abstract   PDF
Hui Zhang, Rongteng Zhang, Jie Yin
Vol 16, No 07 (2021) Application of an Artificial Neural Network to Evaluate the Integration Effect of Quality Education and Skill Education Abstract   PDF
Cai Bai, Wei Huang
Vol 15, No 14 (2020) Application of Analytical Hierarchy Process in Teaching Quality Analysis of English Writing Abstract   PDF
Xiaoqin Zhang, Shengxin Wang, Yanling Cao, Guangqi Chen
Vol 14, No 06 (2019) Application of Artificial Intelligence in Autonomous English Learning among College Students Abstract   PDF
Bing Han
Vol 15, No 16 (2020) Application of Artificial Intelligence in College Dance Teaching and Its Performance Analysis Abstract   PDF
Yingping Wang, Guang Zheng
Vol 15, No 13 (2020) Application of Artificial Intelligence in Modern Art Teaching Abstract   PDF
Fanwen Kong
Vol 16, No 08 (2021) Application of Artificial Intelligence in the Cultivation of Art Design Professionals Abstract   PDF
Yan Sun
Vol 11, No 05 (2016) Application of Automatic Choreography Software Based on Virtual Technology in the Gymnastics Teaching Abstract   PDF
Yingbao ZHOU
Vol 15, No 11 (2020) Application of Big Data Technology in Blended Teaching of College Students: A Case Study on Rain Classroom Abstract   PDF
Cuibi Yang, Shuliang Huan, Yong Yang
Vol 14, No 03 (2019) Application of Blending Learning Based on Network Learning Space in Teaching Design of Digital Art Abstract   PDF
Jian Wang
Vol 16, No 04 (2021) Application of Blockchain Technology in Cultural and Creative Design and Education Abstract   PDF
Jun Liu, Tiejun Zhu
Vol 13, No 10 (2018) Application of Blockchain Technology in Online Education Abstract   PDF
Han Sun, Xiaoyue Wang, Xinge Wang
Vol 13, No 10 (2018) Application of Brain Neural Network in Personalized English Education System Abstract   PDF
Songlin Yang, Min Zhang
Vol 13, No 03 (2018) Application of Browser/Server Architecture in College English Online Learning System Design Abstract   PDF
Lidan Mao
Vol 14, No 14 (2019) Application of Classroom Response Systems (CRS): Study to Measure Student Learning Outcome Abstract   PDF
Hairus Saleh, Nurdyansyah Nurdyansyah, Fitria Nur Hasanah, Hendra Erik Rudyanto, Mu’alimin Mu’alimin
Vol 13, No 09 (2018) Application of COCA in EFL Writing Instruction at the Tertiary Level in China Abstract   PDF
Gengsheng Xiao, Xin Chen
Vol 6, No 2 (2011) Application of Cognitive and Socio-Cultural Theories in CALL Abstract   PDF
Mustafa Akın Güngör, Muzeyyen Nazlı Demirbaş
Vol 13, No 07 (2018) Application of Computer aided Collaborative Learning Model in English Virtual Electronic Teaching Abstract   PDF
Jing Wu
Vol 14, No 06 (2019) Application of Computer Data Analysis Technology in the Development of a Physical Education Examination Platform Abstract   PDF
Fan Cheng, Yiwei Yin
Vol 13, No 04 (2018) Application of Computer Distance Education in Practical English Writing Teaching Abstract   PDF
Xiaohua Liu, Jian Zhang
Vol 15, No 19 (2020) Application of Computer in Online Teaching of Professional Courses Abstract   PDF
Xiaohua Jin
Vol 14, No 14 (2019) Application of Computer Technology in Aesthetic Education and Feature Analysis Abstract   PDF
Lina An
Vol 12, No 08 (2017) Application of Computer-aided Translation in English Teaching Abstract   PDF
Shuping Yao
Vol 8, No 5 (2013) Application of Computer-Aided Translation Technology in Translation Teaching Abstract   PDF
Zhang Erwen, Zhang Wenming
Vol 15, No 06 (2020) Application of Computer-Based Auto Accompaniment in Music Education Abstract   PDF
Yifeng Li
Vol 16, No 14 (2021) Application of Computer-Based Distance Education with Dynamic Webpages in Financial Management Courses Abstract   PDF
Fang Yu
Vol 11, No 07 (2016) Application of Configuration Software in Process Control Course Teaching Abstract   PDF
Chunguo Fei, Chunxin Li
Vol 11, No 09 (2016) Application of Continuous Animation Production Technology in Gymnastics Multimedia Teaching Abstract   PDF
Changhui Xia
Vol 11, No 03 (2016) Application of Courseware Based on Information Retrieval Technology Abstract   PDF
Aili Qi, Yunsong Wang, Chengchun Shen
Vol 12, No 12 (2017) Application of Data Mining in Library-Based Personalized Learning Abstract   PDF
Lin Luo
Vol 13, No 07 (2018) Application of Data Mining Technology in the Subject Tactical Teaching of Badminton Abstract   PDF
Delin Yang
Vol 12, No 12 (2017) Application of Digital Music Technology in Music Pedagogy Abstract   PDF
Peiwei Zhang, Xin Sui
Vol 16, No 13 (2021) Application of Dynamic Image Fusion Technology in Development of Innovation Capabilities of College Students Majoring in Art Design Abstract   PDF
Zhe Wang
Vol 14, No 15 (2019) Application of Educational Games for Formation and Development of ICT competence of Teachers Abstract   PDF
Anatoliy Petelin, Olga Galustyan, Tatyana Prosvetova, Elena Petelina, Alexander Ryzhenkov
Vol 11, No 08 (2016) Application of E-Learning Assessment Based on AHP-BP Algorithm in the Cloud Computing Teaching Platform Abstract   PDF
Chuanfu Hu
Vol 16, No 12 (2021) Application of Fuzzy Evaluation in Comprehensive Quality Evaluation of Higher Education Students Abstract   PDF
Wei Lu, Chunxu Jia, Jialin Zuo
Vol 10, No 8 (2015): Special Issue "Interactive Computer Aided Learning" Application of Grey Forecasting Model Based on Improved Residual Correction in the Cost Estimation of University Education Abstract   PDF
Chao Ge, Jiaqi Xie
Vol 3, No 2 (2008) Application of ICT technology in physics education: teaching and learning elementary oscillations with the aid of simulation software Abstract   PDF
Denis Vavougios, Theodoros Karakasidis
Vol 16, No 05 (2021) Application of Information Technology in Optimizing the Governance of Basic Education Groups Abstract   PDF
Yafei Wang
Vol 8, No 3 (2013) Application of Interactive Multimedia-Internet-Based Teaching System in College English Teaching Abstract   PDF
Zhang Wenming, Zhang Erwen
Vol 16, No 05 (2021) Application of IT-integrated Project-Based Learning in the Teaching Reform of Undergraduate Education Abstract   PDF
Huirong Chen, Jianzhong Yang
Vol 12, No 12 (2017) Application of Kinect Technology in Blind Aerobics Learning Abstract   PDF
Hui Qu
Vol 8 (2013): Special Issue: ICL2012 Application of Learning Curves for Didactic Model Evaluation: Case Studies Abstract   PDF
Felix Mödritscher, Monika Andergassen, Effie Lai-Chong Law, Victor Manuel García-Barrios
Vol 11, No 09 (2016) Application of Model Display Technology in Multimedia Teaching of Ecological Architecture Course Abstract   PDF
Liming Bo, Kanhua Yu
Vol 9, No 2 (2014) Application of Modern Simulation Technology in Mechanical Outstanding Engineer Training Abstract   PDF
Gongfa Li, Jia Liu, Yin Sun, Guozhang Jiang, Jianyi Kong, Hegen Xiong
Vol 12, No 02 (2017) Application of Multi-lens Video Editing Technology in Multi-media Interactive Teaching of "Aerobics" Abstract   PDF
Xiaoyan Zhong
Vol 12, No 01 (2017) Application of Multimedia Technology in Vocabulary Learning for Engineering Students Abstract   PDF
Xue Shi
Vol 10, No 4 (2015) Application of Multimodal Learning in Online English Teaching Abstract   PDF
Meiwei Sun
Vol 10, No 6 (2015) Application of Panoramic Image Technology in Distance Teaching System Abstract   PDF
Yanqun He
Vol 11, No 09 (2016) Application of PPT Playing System in the General City Planning Course under a Multimedia Teaching Environment Abstract   PDF
Jianxin Zhang, Kanhua Yu
Vol 12, No 07 (2017) Application of Practical Curriculum for College Specialty of Economic Management under TPACK Framework – Taking “Enterprise Operation and Decision Simulation System” Curriculum as an Example Abstract   PDF
Tian Tao, Zou Nengfeng, Jiang Jiyu, Xu Xiaochun
Vol 11, No 11 (2016) Application of Spectrogram Analysis in Traditional Vocal Music Teaching and Multimedia Animation Vocal Music Teaching Abstract   PDF
lin-li Liu, Yi Pang, Zhuang-li Hu
Vol 11, No 08 (2016) Application of Teaching Quality Assessment Based on Parallel Genetic Support Vector Algorithm in the Cloud Computing Teaching System Abstract   PDF
Haifeng Hu, Junhui Zheng
Vol 10, No 8 (2015): Special Issue "Interactive Computer Aided Learning" Application of the Cosine Gray Model Based on System Cloud in the Forecast of Higher Education Scale Abstract   PDF
Chao Ge, Cun Li
Vol 11, No 03 (2016) Application of the Multimedia Teaching System Based on Real-time Shooting and Production in Martial Art Course Abstract   PDF
Yunsong Wang, Aili Qi, Fangfang Cui
Vol 13, No 07 (2018) Application of Virtual Environment in the Teaching of Basketball Tactics Abstract   PDF
Shuaidong Li
Vol 11, No 11 (2016) Application of Virtual Reality in Music Teaching System Abstract   PDF
Hong-xuan Bian
Vol 15, No 10 (2020) Application of Virtual Reality Technique in the Construction of Modular Teaching Resources Abstract   PDF
Yang Wang
Vol 11, No 11 (2016) Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Distance Learning Abstract   PDF
Xue-qin Chang, Dao-hua Zhang, Xin-xin Jin
Vol 11, No 11 (2016) Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Swimming Teaching Abstract   PDF
Han Guo
Vol 11, No 01 (2016) Application of Virtual Starry Night Teaching Technology in Aesthetics Teaching Abstract   PDF
Tian Feng
Vol 11, No 11 (2016) Application of Visual Interactive Concept Map in College English Writing Teaching Abstract   PDF
Zhuan Ma, Lin Shi
Vol 11, No 11 (2016) Application of Visual Simulation Technology in College English Teaching Abstract   PDF
Bing-jun Ma
Vol 11, No 09 (2016) Application of WeChat Teaching Platform in Interactive Translation Teaching Abstract   PDF
Zijuan Shi, Gaofeng Luo
Vol 14, No 08 (2019) Application Research of an Innovative Online Education Model in Big Data Environment Abstract   PDF
Shi-Yong Zheng, Su-Ping Jiang, Xiao-Guang Yue, Ruihui Pu, Bi-Qing Li
Vol 9, No 9 (2014): Special Issue "Blended Learning" Applied CAL on Problem Based Learning Using Gagne’s Instructional Design Abstract   PDF
Sri Sundari Purbohadi, Harsono Harsono, TS. Prihatiningsih, O. Emilia
Vol 15, No 08 (2020) Applying Blended Problem-Based Learning to Accounting Studies in Higher Education; Optimizing the Utilization of Social Media for Learning Abstract   PDF
Ahmad Nurkhin, Kardoyo Kardoyo, Hengky Pramusinto, Rediana Setiyani, Ratieh Widhiastuti
Vol 4 (2009): Special Issue: IMCL2009 Applying Multimedia and Virtual Reality for Learning Environments Abstract   PDF
Paulo Nazareno Maia Sampaio, Roberto Ivo C. de Freitas, Gonçalo Nuno P. Cardoso
Vol 14, No 18 (2019) Applying Protection Motivation Theory To Understand Generation Z Students Intention To Comply With Educational Software Anti Piracy Law Abstract   PDF
Bobby Ardiansyah Miraja, Satria Fadil Persada, Yogi Tri Prasetyo, Prawira Fajarindra Belgiawan, A.A.N Perwira Redi
Vol 7, No 3 (2012) Applying Semantic Web Technologies to Support Learners in Plant Identification and Taxonomy Abstract   PDF
Katy Jordan
Vol 12, No 10 (2017) Appropriate Thai High School Student Internet Behaviour: A Hierarchical Linear Model Analysis Abstract   PDF
Punnee Leekitchwatana, Paitoon Pimdee
Vol 14, No 01 (2019) Architecture Design of Datacenter for Cloud English Education Platform Abstract   PDF
Ming Chang, Min Zhang
Vol 14, No 16 (2019) Are Educational Games Engaging and Motivating Moroccan Students to Learn Physics? Abstract   PDF
Khouna Jalal, Ajana Lotfi, Rhazal Ahmed, El Mokri Abdelilah
Vol 14, No 03 (2019) ARS Interactive Teaching Mode for Financial Accounting Course based on Smart Classroom Abstract   PDF
Shenglei Dai
Vol 15, No 06 (2020) Artificial Intelligence in Autism Assessment Abstract   PDF
Panagiota Anagnostopoulou, Vasiliki Alexandropoulou, Georgia Lorentzou, Andriana Lykothanasi, Polyxeni Ntaountaki, Athanasios Drigas
Vol 15, No 22 (2020) Artificial Intelligence-Based Strategies for Improving the Teaching Effect of Art Major Courses in Colleges Abstract   PDF
Ran Yang
Vol 3, No 3 (2008) Assembling content into dynamic learning objects versus authoring of e-learning courses. Abstract   PDF
Jeanne Schreurs, Bart Vanhove, Abdullah Al-Zoubi
Vol 15, No 18 (2020) Assessing Argumentative Writing Skills in Online Environments among Arabic Language Teachers of Grades 5 to 7 in UAE Schools Abstract   PDF
Suad Abdelkareem Alwaely, Hanene Lahiani
Vol 12, No 04 (2017) Assessing Collaborative Problem Solving Skills in Technology-Enhanced Learning Environments – The PISA Framework and Modes of Communication Abstract   PDF
Jalal Nouri, Anna Ã…kerfeldt, Uno Fors, Staffan Selander
Vol 15, No 17 (2020) Assessing the Intensity of the Usability of the Course Content within the Virtual Learning Environment Abstract   PDF
Juraj Obonya, Miroslav Kadlečík
Vol 15, No 12 (2020) Assessing Using Technology: Is Electronic Portfolio Effective To Assess the Scientific Literacy on Evolution Theory Abstract   PDF
Muji Sri Prastiwi, Badrun Kartowagiran, Endang Susantini
Vol 2, No 4 (2007) Assessing Willingness to pay for Information Delivery among Rural Women in Ghana Abstract   PDF
Olivia Adwoa Tiwaa Frimpong Kwapong
Vol 5, No 3 (2010) Assessment 100% Supported by ICT: Possibilities Offered and Risks Abstract   PDF
Plinio del Carmen Teherán Sermeño, Ovidio Amado Almanza Montero, Henry Mendoza
Vol 3 (2008): Special Issue: Infrastructures for Lifelong Competence Development: The 4th TENCompetence Open Workshop in Madrid 2008 Assessment 2.0 Abstract   PDF
Robert James Elliott
Vol 8 (2013): Special Issue: ICL2012 Assessment for Complex Learning Resources: Development and Validation of an Integrated Model Abstract   PDF
Gudrun Wesiak, Mohammad AL-Smadi, Margit Höfler, Christian Gütl
Vol 10, No 8 (2015): Special Issue "Interactive Computer Aided Learning" Assessment of E-learning System in Higher Education Based on Hesitant Fuzzy Information with Incomplete Attribute Weights Abstract   PDF
Hong Ye
Vol 16, No 02 (2021) Assessment of E-Portfolio in Higher Education Abstract   PDF
Zhibek Syzdykova, Kalybek Koblandin, Natalia Mikhaylova, Olga Akinina
Vol 15, No 16 (2020) Assessment of Financial Literacy Formation Methods in Mathematics Education: Financial Computation Abstract   PDF
Alma Abylkassymova, Akhan Mubarakov, Zhazira Yerkisheva, Zhannur Turganbayeva, Zhomart Baysalov
Vol 6, No 4 (2011) Assessment of Usability Benchmarks: Combining Standardized Scales with Specific Questions Abstract   PDF
Stephanie Bettina Linek, Klaus Tochtermann
Vol 15, No 21 (2020) Assessment-for-Learning Teaching Mode Based on Interactive Teaching Approach in College English Abstract   PDF
Rui Sun, Huihui Zhang, Jing Li, Jing Zhao, Peipei Dong
Vol 3, No 2 (2008) Assimilative Learning with the Aid of Cognitive Maps Abstract   PDF
Damian Läge, René Oberholzer, Samy Egli, Roland Streule
Vol 13, No 03 (2018) Association Rule Mining for Selecting Proper Students to Take Part in Proper Discipline Competition: A Case Study of Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics Abstract   PDF
Xiaoling Huang, Yangbing Xu, Shuai Zhang, Wenyu Zhang
Vol 14, No 12 (2019) Attention and its Role: Theories and Models Abstract   PDF
Athanasios Drigas, Maria Karyotaki
Vol 12, No 03 (2017) Attentional Control and other Executive Functions Abstract   PDF
Athanasios Drigas, Maria Karyotaki
Vol 14, No 24 (2019) Attitude and Behavioral Intention to Develop and Use MOOCs among Academics Abstract   PDF
Habibah Ab Jalil, Aini Marina Ma'rof, Rosmaria Omar
Vol 15, No 19 (2020) Attitude to ICT and Self-Evaluation of Fluency in Using New Digital Devices, Websites and Software among Pre-Service Teachers Abstract   PDF
Łukasz Tomczyk
Vol 16, No 14 (2021) Attitudes Towards using Digital Technologies in Education as an Important Factor in Developing Digital Competence: The Case of Slovenian Student Teachers Abstract   PDF
Tina Štemberger, Sonja Čotar Konrad
Vol 7, No 1 (2012) Attitudinal Disposition of Nigerian University Students toward Social Networking Sites Abstract   PDF
Suleiman Alhaji Ahmad
Vol 3, No 2 (2008) Auditory Display as a Tool for Teaching Network Intrusion Detection Abstract   PDF
Miguel Angel Garcia-Ruiz, Arthur Edwards, Miguel Vargas Martin, Samir El Seoud
Vol 14, No 03 (2019) Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Education. Myth or Reality? Abstract   PDF
Noureddine Elmqaddem
Vol 12, No 02 (2017) Augmented Reality as E-learning Tool in Primary Schools’ Education: Barriers to Teachers’ Adoption Abstract   PDF
Mona Alkhattabi
Vol 14, No 03 (2019) Augmented Reality Based Educational Design for Children Abstract   PDF
Minghui Sun, Xinyu Wu, Zhihua Fan, Liyan Dong
Vol 15, No 16 (2020) Augmented Reality for Learning Mathematics: A Systematic Literature Review Abstract   PDF
Nur Izza N Ahmad, Syahrul Nizam Junaini
Vol 10, No 3 (2015) Augmented Reality Internet Labs versus its Traditional and Virtual Equivalence Abstract   PDF
Salaheddin Odeh, Shatha Abu Shanab, Mahasen Anabtawi
Vol 10, No 6 (2015) Augmented Transfer of Knowledge in eLearning Materials based on Associative Relevance Abstract   PDF
Gufran Ahmad
Vol 4 (2009): Special Issue: IMCL2009 Authoring for Adaptive Web-Based Learning Systems: A Case Study Abstract   PDF
Hala Obeidat, Maram Meccawy, Peter Blanchfield
Vol 4 (2009): Special Issue: IMCL2009 Authoring Systems Delivering Reusable Learning Objects Abstract   PDF
Jeanne Schreurs, Rik Dalle, George Nicola Sammour
Vol 5, No 3 (2010) Automated Assessment, Face to Face Abstract   PDF
Rizik M. H. Al-Sayyed, Amjad Hudaib, Muhannad AL-Shboul, Yousef Majdalawi, Mohammed Bataineh
Vol 13, No 09 (2018) Automated Data-Driven Hint Generation in Intelligent Tutoring Systems for Code-Writing: On the Road of Future Research Abstract   PDF
Hieu Trong Bui, Syed Malek F D Syed Mustapha
Vol 8, No 1 (2013) Automated Podcasting System for Universities Abstract   PDF
Ypatios Grigoriadis, Christian Stickel, Walther Nagler, Martin Ebner, Martin Schön
Vol 15, No 24 (2020) Automated System Testing for a Learning Management System Abstract   PDF
Lukas Krisper, Markus Ebner, Martin Ebner
Vol 13, No 06 (2018) Automatic Composition of Instructional Units in Virtual Learning Environments Abstract   PDF
Meriem Hnida, Mohammed Khalidi Idrissi, Samir Bennani
Vol 14, No 12 (2019) Automatic Generation and Evolution of Personalized Curriculum Based on Genetic Algorithm Abstract   PDF
Xiaocong Duan
Vol 13, No 03 (2018) Automatic Generation of Children's Songs Based on Machine Statistic Learning Abstract   PDF
Li Pan
Vol 13, No 04 (2018) Automatic Multi-task Learning System for Abnormal Network Traffic Detection Abstract   PDF
He Huang, Haojiang Deng, Jun Chen, Luchao Han, Wei Wang
Vol 14, No 05 (2019) Automatic Profiling of Open-Ended Survey Data on Medical Workplace Teaching Abstract   PDF
Mirka Saarela, Jukka Lahtonen, Minna Ruoranen, Annika Mäkeläinen, Teuvo Antikainen, Tommi Kärkkäinen
Vol 15, No 19 (2020) Autonomous Learning Mode based on a Four-Element Teaching Design for Visual Communication Course Abstract   PDF
Yan Zhao, Yuemeng Luo
Vol 5 (2010): Special Issue: ICL2009 ­ MashUps for Learning Avant-garde Pedagogical Practise Utilizing Virtual Environments and Machinima in Systems Development Abstract   PDF
Naomi Dreher, Heinz Dreher
Vol 12, No 06 (2017) Barriers Effecting Successful Implementation of E-Learning in Saudi Arabian Universities Abstract   PDF
Noorulhasan Naveed Quadri, AbulHafeez Muhammed, Sumaya Sanober, Mohamed Rafik N. Qureshi, Asadullah Shah
Vol 3, No 2 (2008) Bayesian Model for Optimization Adaptive e-Learning Process Abstract   PDF
Francisco Javier Tapia Moreno, Claudio Alfredo Lopez Miranda, Manuel Jesus Galan Moreno, Enrique Rubio Royo
Vol 2, No 3 (2007) Bayesian Statistics as an Alternative to Gradient Descent in Sequence Learning Abstract   PDF
Rainer Spiegel
Vol 15, No 19 (2020) Best Practices in Running IT Hackathons Based on Paragon University Dataset Abstract   PDF
Azamat Serek, Meirambek Zhaparov, Seong-Moo Yoo, Assem Talasbek, Yong-Kab Kim, Min-Woo Jin
Vol 16, No 14 (2021) Beyond Letter Grades: A Case Study in Developing an Evaluation System to Generate Project Performance Transcripts Abstract   PDF
Ji Won You, Yoonsook Chung
Vol 5, No 4 (2010) Beyond LMS: Expanding Course Experience with Content Collaboration and Smart Assignment Feedback Abstract   PDF
Ivana Bosnić, Marin Orlić, Mario Žagar
Vol 15, No 17 (2020) Big Data Application and its Impact on Education Abstract   PDF
Shakir Khan, Salihah Alqahtani
Vol 13, No 01 (2018) Big Data Emerging Technology: Insights into Innovative Environment for Online Learning Resources Abstract   PDF
Miftachul Huda, Andino Maseleno, Pardimin Atmotiyoso, Maragustam Siregar, Roslee Ahmad, Kamarul Azmi Jasmi, Nasrul Hisyam Nor Muhamad
Vol 9, No 5 (2014) Big Data X-Learning Resources Integration and Processing in Cloud Environments Abstract   PDF
Kong Xiangsheng
Vol 9, No 5 (2014) Black Box Metadata Creation: The Academic Problem Abstract   PDF
Keith Maycock, John Keating
Vol 2, No 3 (2007) Blended learning - an opportunity to take the best of both worlds Abstract   PDF
Julija Lapuh Bele, Joze Rugelj
Vol 16, No 06 (2021) Blended Learning as a Means of Foreign Students’ Integration into a University Educational Process Abstract   PDF
Nadezhda Kuzmina, Darya Kochkina, Maksim Kuzmin
Vol 15, No 21 (2020) Blended Learning Environments in Inclusive Education at the University Abstract   PDF
Yaqun Zhang, Fayruza Rebrina, Fairuza Sabirova, Julia Afanaseva
Vol 16, No 14 (2021) Blended Learning in Higher Education: A Study of Its Impact on Students’ Performance Abstract   PDF
Najeh Rajeh Alsalhi, Mohd. Elmagzoub Eltahir, Sami Al-Qatawneh, Nadia Ouakli, Hanine Bou Antoun, Atef F. I. Abdelkader, Laith Al Jumaili
Vol 15, No 07 (2020) Blended Learning in Research Statistics Course at The English Education Department of Borneo Tarakan University Abstract   PDF
Ridwan Ridwan, Hariaty Hamid, Irianto Aras
Vol 13, No 10 (2018) Blended Learning Innovation Model among College Students Based on Internet Abstract   PDF
Jia Zhang
Vol 16, No 07 (2021) Blended Learning Integrated Fieldwork on Fundamentals of Geology Learning During The Covid-19 Pandemic Abstract   PDF
Dwi Angga Oktavianto, Sumarmi Sumarmi, Sugeng Utaya, Didik Trayana
Vol 16, No 09 (2021) Blended Learning of Management Courses Based on Learning Behavior Analysis Abstract   PDF
Yang Liu
Vol 14, No 23 (2019) Blended Learning of Physics in the Context of the Professional Development of Teachers Abstract   PDF
Lyubov Krasnova, Viktor Shurygin
Vol 11, No 01 (2016) Blended Learning Perception among Undergraduate Engineering Students Abstract   PDF
Tatiana Krasnova, Ivan Vanushin
Vol 15, No 13 (2020) Blended Teaching Mode of Art Course based on Objective Achievement Scale Abstract   PDF
Guanyu He
Vol 15, No 24 (2020) Blended Teaching Strategies for Art Design Major Courses in Colleges Abstract   PDF
Yu Gao
Vol 15, No 11 (2020) Blended Web Mobile Learning (BWML) Model to Improve Students’ Higher Order Thinking Skills Abstract   PDF
Binar Kurnia Prahani, Budi Jatmiko, Bambang Hariadi, Dewiyani Sunarto, Tri Sagirani, Tan Amelia, Julianto Lemantara
Vol 15, No 12 (2020) Blending Teaching Mode for Computer Courses in the Background of Emerging Engineering Education: A Case Study of Principle and Application of Database Abstract   PDF
Xiangming An, Chengliang Qu
Vol 11, No 04 (2016) Blogs as a Means to Enhance Writing Skills in EFL Classes Abstract   PDF
Marina Valeryevna Kuimova, Oleg Dmitrievich Zvekov
Vol 4, No 1 (2009) Breaking Boundaries: Quality E-Learning for the Global Knowledge Society Abstract   PDF
Lalilta Rajasingham
Vol 9, No 3 (2014) Building E-learning Content Repositories to Support Content Reusability Abstract   PDF
Jacek Marciniak
Vol 15, No 20 (2020) Building Empathy: Exploring Digital Native Characteristic to Create Learning Instruction for Learning Computer Graphic Design Abstract   PDF
Siti Nurannisaa P.B., Mustaji Mustaji, Bachtiar S. Bachri, Florens Debora Patricia
Vol 13, No 01 (2018) Building Learning System for Content Knowledge and Social Knowledge Abstract   PDF
S.M.F.D Syed Mustapha
Vol 5, No 1 (2010) Call for Conference Location - ICBL2011 Details   PDF
Andreas Pester
Vol 15, No 08 (2020) Can a Technology Teach Meditation? Experiencing the EEG Headband InteraXon Muse as a Meditation Guide Abstract   PDF
Caroline Stockman
Vol 7, No 4 (2012) Can Cooperative Learning Maximize the Effectiveness of WebQuest Used in Learning? Abstract   PDF
Robitah Spian, Issham Ismail, Azidah Abu Ziden
Vol 15, No 16 (2020) Can Machine Translation Assist to Prepare for Simultaneous Interpretation? Abstract   PDF
Ying Qin, Chunqing Wang
Vol 15, No 02 (2020) Can the Game-Based Learning Come? Virtual Classroom in Higher Education of 21st Century Abstract   PDF
Piroska Szegedine Lengyel
Vol 5, No 1 (2010) Cascade Model for Online Discussion Boards in an E-Learning Environment Abstract   PDF
Vibha Kumar
Vol 10, No 1 (2015) Causal Relationship Model of the Information and Communication Technology Skill Affect the Technology Acceptance Process in the 21ST Century for Undergraduate Students Abstract   PDF
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Vol 15, No 18 (2020) CDIO Approach in Developing Teacher Training Program to Meet Requirement of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 in Vietnam Abstract   PDF
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Vol 1, No 1 (2006) Challenge: A Multidisciplinary Degree Program in Bioinformatics Abstract   PDF
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Vol 14, No 24 (2019) Challenges in ICT Integration among Malaysian Public Primary Education Teachers: The Roles of Leaders and Stakeholders Abstract   PDF
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Vol 5, No 2 (2010) Challenges of Utilizing E-Learning Systems in Public Universities in Jordan Abstract   PDF
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Vol 3 (2008): Special Issue: ICL2008 Chatting, Chatten or Chattare: Using a Multilingual Workspace for Language and Culture Learning Abstract   PDF
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Vol 12, No 05 (2017) Checking on Preferential Choices of E-learning & M-learning: A Case Study of Northern Border University, Saudi Arabia Abstract   PDF
Ahmed Alenezi
Vol 15, No 01 (2020) Chibumons: A Positive Effect On Game to Undergraduate Students Abstract   PDF
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Vol 11, No 06 (2016) Choosing the Right Learning Management System (LMS) for the Higher Education Institution Context: A Systematic Review Abstract   PDF
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Vol 10, No 1 (2015) Cogent: Case Study of Meaningful Gamification in Education with Virtual Currency Abstract   PDF
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Zhi-Qin Liu, Evgenij Dorozhkin, Nataliia Davydova, Nadezhda Sadovnikova
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