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The iJIM journal aims to focus on the exchange of relevant trends and research results as well as the presentation of practical experiences gained while developing and testing elements of interactive mobile technologies. The objective of the journal is to publish and discuss fundamentals, applications and experiences in the field of interactive mobile technologies in learning and teaching as well as in industrial and other applications.

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Cover iJIM Vol. 14, No. 17, 2020



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Currently, many researchers receive a call for papers for iJIM, asking them to submit a paper via email.

Please note that iJIM does NOT accept submissions via email.

These are fake emails. In order to submit a paper to iJIM, please create an account on the journal homepage, don't forget to enrol yourself as author and submit your paper here.

Also, they send out fake letters of acceptance. If you want to know the status of your paper, please login to your journal account and check its status.

Posted: 2020-06-23
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Vol 14, No 17 (2020)

Table of Contents


S.V Manikanthan, T Padmapriya, Azham Hussain, E Thamizharasi
pp. 4-19
Ruby Benita K, Ganesh Kumar S, Murugamantham B, Murugan A
pp. 20-32
Kothai G, Poovammal E
pp. 33-44
Anas A. Salameh, Ibrahim A. Abu AlSondos, Basel J. A. Ali, Abdullah Fahad Alsahali
pp. 45-55
Ahmad Zamil, Ibrahim A. Abu-AlSondos, Anas A. Salameh
pp. 56-65
Esraa Jaffar Baker, Juliana Aida Abu Bakar, Abdul Nasir Zulkifli
pp. 66-78
Esraa Jaffar Baker, Juliana Aida Abu Bakar, Abdul Nasir Zulkifli
pp. 79-96
Mariana Jusop, Risyawati Mohamed Ismail, Noor Azizi Ismail
pp. 97-112
Ruzinoor Che Mat, Miyata Kazunori, Azman Ab. Rahman
pp. 113-129
Mohd Faizal Omar, Mohd Nasrun Mohd Nawi, Jastini Mohd Jamil, Ani Munirah Mohamad, Saslina Kamaruddin
pp. 130-140
Mustafa Moosa Qasim, Ali Raad Abdulkareem, Mohamed Abdulrhman Abdulhamed, Abdul Nasir Zulkifli
pp. 141-154
Valarmathie Gopalan, Juliana Aida Abu Bakar, Abdul Nasir Zulkifli
pp. 155-166
Ahmed Ayoob Mousa, Aisha Hassan Abdalla, Huda Adibah Mohd Ramli
pp. 167-188
Rajesh P, Murugan A, Murugamantham B, Ganesh Kumar S
pp. 189-203
Lucky Kannan, Jebakumar R
pp. 204-213