Digital Sketching Applications for Design of Multicultural Toys Based on Himavanta Creatures from Thai, Laos, and Myanmar Fine Arts

Sittisak Rattanaprapawan, Apisak Sindhuphak, Krissana Kiddee, Sompol Dumrongsatien


The research focuses on digital sketching aspect through a depiction of Himavanta creatures and characters from Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar, where the details of paintings, sculptures, and architectural features as well as multicultural aspiration and imaginations are considered main variables. The research analyzed Himavanta creatures’cultural identities, sculptural forms and patterns, colors, and characteristic structures and implemented these identities into a design process, which then initiated a digital sketching process to transfer the artwork into designing multicultural toys. The evaluation processes comprised of eight design aspects including 1) concepts and theories of toy design, 2) contents connectedness, 3) discretion to communities, 4) suitability of Himavanta creature, 5) numbers of character sets in basic level, 6) numbers of character sets in experienced level, 7) content management for toy design process, and 8) digitize design procedures.The research results show that the Himavanta creatures including Singha, Chinese lion, Kochasri, Garuda and Swan that based on the digital sketch from paintings, sculptures, architectural features, as well as artisan’s imaginations in the multicultural societies were significantly similar.By testing and applyingthe concepts and theories of multicultural toy design processes from digital sketches, each final design found to be practical and displayed effective cultural means that remains true to its mood and tonality of its cultural interpretation. Consequently, the level of satisfactory evaluation on the process of the design samples, the awareness effectiveness, and the toy’s interpretation shows the value of x̄ = 4.46 and the value of 0.58 standard deviation. The satisfaction on the design worksshows that awareness and interpretation consistency indicate x̄ =3.84 and the standard deviation was at 0.65. 



Digital Sketching Applications, Toy designs, Multi-Cultures, Himavanta Creatures, and Art and Architectural Content

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International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM) – eISSN: 1865-7923
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