Utilization of DIVAYANA Formula in Evaluating of Suitable Platforms for Online Learning in the Social Distancing

Dewa Gede Hendra Divayana


The selection of a suitable platform to facilitate online learning in social distancing becomes a very important thing to maintain the quality and smoothness of the learning process was carried out at home. Some educational evaluation models were able to be used to provide recommendations in choosing an online learning platform that was suitable to use in social distancing, such as CIPP, Countenance, and CSE-UCLA. However, those models are only able to provide recommendations based on narrative evaluation components so raised different understandings and high subjectivity in its implementation in the field. Those models haven’t formulas that specifically and accurately provide quantitative results in determining the most priority platforms is used in online learning. Therefore, it is essential to know there is a new formula in the field of educational evaluation to determine the suitable platform for online learning that is done at home. One of the new formulas that can be used and contributed to solving problems in the field of educational evaluation is the DIVAYANA formula. This formula can show an accurate calculation mechanism in determining one of the platforms that the most priority from the various choices of online learning platforms. The purpose of this research was to show the mechanism for calculating the DIVAYANA formula to determine the priority platform suitable for online learning. This research used an evaluative approach that focused on the nominate stage in the DIVAYANA model because the DIVAYANA formula is located in that nominate stage. Eighty respondents were involved in the initial data collection by evaluating the platform selection criteria for online learning. The subjects who were involved in testing the effectiveness of the DIVAYANA formula were eight experts. Questionnaires were used as the initial data collection tools and testing tools for the effectiveness of the DIVAYANA formula. The method was used to analyze the data of effectiveness test results on the DIVAYANA formula was by comparing that test results with the effectiveness standard that refers to five scales. The results of the effectiveness test showed the percentage of effectiveness level was 89.79%. It means that the DIVAYANA formula is effective to use in determining priority platforms suitable for online learning at home.


DIVAYANA Formula; Platforms; Online Learning; Social Distancing

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