A Learning-by-Doing Approach to Medication Management for Adolescent Diabetics

Steinar Kristoffersen


Many people suffer from potentially dangerous diseases. This paper is concerned with diabetes, in particular for cases involving young patients. Rationally, of course, most patients agree that they worry about the risk of falling ill in both the long and the short term. Hence, they are willing, in principle, to change their behaviour according to medical stipulations. In the case of diabetes, this comprises measuring the level of glucose in the blood, observing a strict diet and exercising regularly. In practice, however, this turns out to be difficult for many patients. Making this a classical case of learning, the link from theory (knowing the disease) onto practice (controlling the disease) needs to be strengthened. We propose a tool that may contribute to this, by explicating the dialogue between the learner and the â??text,


Mobility; adolescence; diabetics; learning; human computer interaction; quality of life

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International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM) – eISSN: 1865-7923
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